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The Mayan Calendar End Date and the Age of Aquarius, #2

Medicine Dreams and the Age of Aquarius

In the spring of 1986 I had a curious dream. I cannot recall all of it but at the very end I was told about a soon-to-born child who was to be very important in the future; in fact, this child wasn’t so much an individual person but was, rather, a representation of the energy of the New Age about to dawn. At the end of the dream I was shown the child. This child, who was utterly beautiful, looked to be about three years of age, had short golden curly hair, intensely blue eyes, and was wearing pink blanket-type sleepers. The gender of the child was impossible to determine. When I was finally shown the child I was shocked because the child was laying on the ground—asleep but with open eyes—right at the edge of a small stream. At first I thought the child was dead—had drowned in the stream—but I was given to know, in that strange way that dreams have, that the child was not dead but rather, not yet ready to awaken. When I awoke I knew that many others must be dreaming about this child, and many of us were being called to midwife the child’s birth.

I dreamed about this child several other times over the years, and came to call it the “Golden Haired Child,” and the “Child of Promise.” I began to realize that the depiction of the child in the dream was telling me things about the Age to come. Although I kept wanting to refer to the child as a boy, I knew this wasn’t correct. The pink sleepers made me think of a little girl, and yet I knew this wasn’t correct either. Since the child’s gender was truly impossible to determine, I sensed that the energy of the Age to come had to do with a balance of male and female energies. The child’s eyes were open yet it wasn’t awake; this led to the obviously conclusion that it wasn’t yet time for it to be awake. The fact that the child was so young told me that the energies of the Age were still flowing into formation and not yet ready to present to the world.

It wasn’t till much later that I realized how similar the child at the edge of the stream was to the Star card of the Tarot, where a woman (mostly likely the Star Goddess) is pictured at the edge of the stream or pool, pouring water into it. Rulership of this card is given to the sign of Aquarius, and it represents healing, hope, and renewal for the future.

Like so many others, I have been pondering the meaning and implications of the Age of Aquarius for many years. I’ve spent a good bit of time reviewing the history of the last 2000 years, discerning the threads of Piscean and Virgoan themes in that time period, noting the ups and downs of human progress, and doing a lot of reflecting on what the Age of Aquarius might mean—not just for  humanity but for all the life-streams on the planet.

For years I have kept a dream journal and recently, as I was pondering the Age of Aquarius, I remembered another dream I’d had many years ago.

Something Big is Coming
Midmorning on August 18th, 1994 I awoke from a dream that felt to be great significance. In the dream, I was in a house with several dearly beloved, spiritually-minded friends. We were ablaze with excitement and anticipation because Something Big Was Coming. We could feel it. I looked out the front window and saw signs of it in the twilight sky, with its grey clouds and the sun shining through them. I could feel the expectant earth singing in joyful anticipation. We could feel this energy in our bodies and in our minds. We were humming with it.

What was coming was magnificent and amazing, and my friends and I were all preparing for it. The preparation included sleeping, because time passed in this dream—days and nights—and the sleep state was essential to properly receiving what was coming. In the waking state we could feel the energy of what was to come—which included a huge sense of joy. In our waking state the sensations were very strong; but during our sleep state we were receiving the full sense and strength of it. Sleep seemed essential to receiving this Something Big, as did the passage of time. As we continued to receive more and more of “it,” our anticipation and excitement grew in leaps and bounds, and we began to be desirous of bringing our loved ones along with us into this wondrous state of being. We went searching for them, imparting to them what we were feeling, and many of them decided to join with us in our conscious preparations.

The energy continued to build. The message was “Soon! Soon!” The Something Big was coming closer and closer to full fruition, and our excitement continued to increase, along with our conscious reception of the energies. I had a distinct body and even cellular sense of these energies, which grew stronger and told me their fullness would arrive soon. Then I felt the Something Big arrive fully, and the sensations of joy and wholeness I experienced were so great they pushed me up, out of the dream, and back into a waking state, where I continued to experience them for several more hours. “This is the future,” I thought....

But I didn’t want to leave this dream, and kept fighting to stay in it, so I spent quite a bit of time in that in-between-waking-and-sleeping state. Before opening my eyes I mentally asked my dream guides what it had meant. I was told that a new phase of our evolution is kicking in now, and the dream was me experiencing the final countdown to its arrival. Strangely, because I wasn’t really  Christian, what it felt like was the approach of the Second Coming of Christ. Another explanation possibility given to me was of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent of the indigenous Central American traditions.

My dream guides told me this phase of evolution had to do with Brain Transformation— how we use our brain, how we think about our brain, and the brain's relationship to the rest of our body and self, the rest of nature, and other aspects of our life.

What we are coming into is a time when the focus will be on becoming whole. I was told—quite emphatically—that we would begin to realize that our brain, by which was meant our consciousness and our awareness rather than simply the physical organ, did not reside merely in the head but within the entire body. Whole-Body-Brain; Cellular Brain, Cellular Memory Access, Energy Field. The energy field that connects all parts of our physical being would be the new ‘brain.’  Something in us is evolving and it involves all parts of us—our physical selves, including our electromagnetic vibrations, and our soul and consciousness as well. My conclusion was that we are being ‘rewired’ for the new age. Or perhaps our pre-existent wiring is being reactivated. Our consciousness will be expanded by this, and we have the potential to develop a new form of collective consciousness—knowing ourselves to be part of a larger whole—while  still retaining our own individual consciousness.

This powerful dream took years to properly interpret. It clearly informed me that big changes were coming into the world, to humanity. These changes were expected, had been foretold; it was part of a natural order of evolutionary change. The energetic shift was represented to me in the form of the return of some powerful avatar type energy. As I’ve mentioned, at the time I felt it to be the Christ/Quetzalcoatl energy. It was bright and shining; it illuminated us, expanded us, and turned on our inner senses in a huge way. It expanded our consciousness to the point that our consciousness and  awareness, normally thought of as located in the brain, would be located throughout our body and energy field, and that we would, as a species, awaken to this fact. So what I was seeing and sensing in the dream was the arrival of the Quetzalcoatl energy, the second coming of Christ, the arrival of the Aquarian Age and what it would bring. And while I could understand how the feathered serpent symbology of Quetzalcoatl fit what I had felt in the dream, I had never taken the idea of the Second Coming of Christ very seriously, and was surprised that this analogy had been given to me. Being both a child of the 60's and a budding astrologer, I was aware that “this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” but hadn’t given too much thought to what that Age might be like.

A few days after this dream took place, I learned that a white buffalo calf had been born in Janesville, Wisconsin, the first such birth in many years. Many Native Americans took this as the beginning of the fulfillment of the prophecies associated with one of the most sacred figures of the Plains Indians, White Buffalo Calf Woman.....

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